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CC Car Parks plc was built back in 1997 when it commenced its operations in one of Malta’s most popular commercial districts – Sliema. As the demand for parking increased over the years, the CC Car Parks plc was the ideal answer – the 500 parking slots in the multi-storey car park have been meeting users’ demands ever since. 


Over the years, the team behind CC Car Parks plc developed several parking schemes and incentives intended to target different segments of the parking market and as outlined above has undertaken several measures to diversify its revenue streams and thus increase revenues from services that are ancillary to and complement its core parking business.


Along with the car park, the company also owns a commercial space is situated at the ground floor level of the car park and the new office space covering a total footprint of over 2,000 sq metres has just been added on the new levels 6,7 and 8 and has already been leased out.